print_alexandra.jpg (16381 bytes)
print_beth.jpg (17684 bytes)
print_betweenfriends.jpg (33597 bytes)
Between Friends
print_theboardwalk.jpg (26643 bytes)
Boardwalk, The 
prints_boatingparty.jpg (37430 bytes)
Boating Party, The
print_caferoyale.jpg (32054 bytes)
Cafe Royale
print_circleoflove.jpg (40261 bytes)
Circle of Love
print_catherine.jpg (16562 bytes)
print_daydreams.jpg (38955 bytes)
Day Dreams
print_elegantaffair.jpg (40425 bytes)
Elegant Affair, An
print_enlishrose.jpg (36775 bytes)
English Rose
print_fashionableparade.jpg (66735 bytes)
Fashionable Parade
print_festiveoccasion.jpg (39194 bytes)
Festive Occasion
print_fifthave.jpg (28680 bytes)
Fifth Avenue
print_girlingold.jpg (30481 bytes)
Girl In Gold
print_graciousera.jpg (26110 bytes)
Gracious Era, A
print_grandentrance.jpg (32858 bytes)
Grand Entrance
print_inharmony.jpg (28986 bytes)
In Harmony
print_invitationdance.jpg (30156 bytes)
Invitation to the Dance
print_joysofchildhood.jpg (23309 bytes)
Joys of Childhood
print_theletter.jpg (36832 bytes)
Letter, The
print_newcarriage.jpg (30962 bytes)
New Carriage, The
print_newyearseve.jpg (29366 bytes)
New Year's Eve
print_privateconv.jpg (31830 bytes)
Conversation, A
print_thepromise.jpg (40829 bytes)
Promise, The
print_therecital.jpg (33277 bytes)
Recital, The
print_romanticengage.jpg (34559 bytes)
Romantic Engagement
print_sentimental.jpg (31374 bytes)
Sentimental Journey
print_sleighbells.jpg (32048 bytes)
Sleigh Bells
print_sleighrace.jpg (31019 bytes)
Sleigh Race
print_southernbelles.jpg (35206 bytes)
Southern Belles
print_summercarousel.jpg (41003 bytes)
Summer Carousel
print_summerelegance.jpg (35661 bytes)
Summer Elegance
print_summerpastime.jpg (31074 bytes)
Summer Pastime
print_summerromance.jpg (38378 bytes)
Summer Romance
print_sunafternoon.jpg (28090 bytes)
Sunday Afternoon
print_tranquil.jpg (27752 bytes)
Tranquil Moment
 print_victoria.jpg (15901 bytes)
print_victoriantrio.jpg (30305 bytes)
Victorian Trio
prints_walkinthepark.jpg (38189 bytes)
Walk In The Park, A
print_windowseat.jpg (32459 bytes)
Window Seat, The
print_wintercarosel.jpg (34306 bytes)
Winter Carousel
print_winterimpress.jpg (33600 bytes)
Winter Impressions
Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping
Brass Plates $10.00 Each. Add $10.00 to shipping for framed canvas.
Add $10.00 to shipping west of Mississippi
Due to the increase in shipping rates, our shipping rates have changes. Please note these changes. Add ten dollars for framed canvases. We can ship two unframed canvases in one box for ten dollars more (Example-two unframed "Recitals" ship for $55.00)